The Woman's Roots - About Us

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Our Mission: To provide post released female inmates with transitional housing referrals and re-entry aftercare program services along with spiritual development and a home for a better future".

The Woman's Roots is a non-profit organization that is passionate about aftercare support for females released from incarceration facilities in Texas.

The phrase "The Woman's Roots" stems from our vision to get back to basics and offer new beginnings to the many women suffering from broken spirits. These women usually have been battered, sexually, mentally, or emotionally abused; are offenders or drug users or suffer from other dysfunctions. It is our duty to not let others forget that released female inmates are wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, single parents, and co-workers who touch or influence the lives of the people around them.

The Women's Roots offers just that, a chance for these women to put down roots and start anew through our various re-entry after-care programming and services.